About Us

Vintaged Wood was created by a former owner of an urban trucking company who wanted to give something back to the world other than diesel fumes. While operating in a large city, Dean MacMillan often delivered many loads of waste to the urban landfill sites. After many visits to city dumps MacMilan became increasingly aware of just how much waste our world was creating, specifically MacMilan noticed the many thousands of tones of wood deposited daily.Bingo ……..the need to serve had met the way to do it.

MacMillan became determined to leave the fuel guzzling, carbon producing, transport business and marry a love of history with his desire to do something for the world.

Vintaged wood was born when MacMillan decided to fulfill a life desire to create something beautiful, namely one of a kind wood floors, however there would be a twist, these floors would be hand made using only recycled wood!

Rather than going to the dump to retrieve wood that was by now often too damaged to recycle, MacMillan decided to find out where this wood was coming from and stop at least as much as he could from ever reaching our landfills. His research found that his old industry, the transport business produced huge amounts of wood waste. Shipping pallets in fact make up the worlds largest consumer of hardwood. Shipping boxes, crates and containers created huge amounts of waste. The other industry that creates the second largest amount of waste was the construction industry. However, far and away the industry that produced the most waste wood was the demolition industry. Everything from renovation demolition to the tearing down of entire city blocks produces incredible amounts of used wood.

This is where MacMillan's love of history came in. Why not use these old structures, each with incredibly interesting stories, and recreate these stories into new wood flooring!

Now Vintaged Wood is using wood from old barns, churches, factories, retail stores, schools, service stations, ship decks, truck decks, pubs, warehouses, dance halls and many other buildings that would be demolished and end up in our landfills. Vintaged has acquired old gymnasium floors and even has the rights to salvage a wreck of a wooden ship believed to be nearly two hundred years old. That project is sure to produce an incredible floor!

Many people are choosing to have their floors made from an old barn that was in their family. Others are asking to have special trees that have had to be removed milled into a one of a kind floor that has special meaning. Whatever the case all of the Vintaged floors have a special storey to tell ( ask about Vintaged Woods scanable chip ) The best storey to be told is that Vintaged Wood floors are not only one of a kind they are also a one of a kind way to tell your friends you are a major enviro saver.